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Center for Community Health, Education & Research (CCHER)

CCHER has more than 26 years of advocacy for the right to health care and providing direct social, health, behavioral and prevention services to our clients and their families.

CCHER is the current sub-recipient of a grant funded by the National REACH Coalition (NRC), a major recipient of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). NRC is responsible for supporting the metro Boston Haitian community to strategically organize to implement and evaluate healthy eating and active living that eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in chronic diseases.

 With the formation of a Community Leadership Team (CLT), CCHER is working together with the Haitian community to advocate and promote systemic changes for a healthy community. CCHER is working together with CLT by taking actions through selecting public health strategies to bring healthy eating and active living awareness to members of the larger Haitian community.

CCHER is pleased to nationally join 15 other  sub recipient grantees funded by the National REACH Coalition. For more information about National REACH Coalition contact:

National REACH Coalition
444 North Capital Street, NW
Suite 388
Washington, DC 20001
[email protected]


We need you support to continue our work. Contact us at (617) 265-0628 or by email [email protected].
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 Healthy Haitian Menu Competion  was held in December 6, 2013

Winners were:

  • 1st prize: Beltine Claudette
  • 2nd prize: Donald Decosa
  • 3rd prize: Myrtha Pierre

Criteria for selection by the Community Leadership Team & Community Members

  • Amounts of sugar, salt and fat
  • Easy to prepare by a typical family member
  • How much time it takes to prepare
  • Cost to prepare and the taste

 All selected recipes were modified by a nutrition expert to qualify for the Healthy Haitian Cookbook. This was  a great opportunity for the larger Haitian coomunity to engage, to participate and to share their healthy cooking experience.

Healthy Eating  (Byen Manje) & Active Living ( Fe Egzesis) Socia Media Campaign -  

From the month of July to 2021, conducted more than 34  radio and cable TV presentations  and covered more than 12 different topics on Healthy eating (Byen Manje) and Active Living (Fe Egzesis) to the Metro Boston  Haitian community & surrounding communities

 The Healthy Eating (Byen Manje) & Active Living (Fe Egzesis) Training Sessions

Conducted in Haitian Creole two (2) training sessions by jointed facilitators from CCHER, nutrition educators from Bond of Color and  independent Wellness Active Living Coach . More than 37 members of the Haitian community participated on food selection, preparation of healthy foods, healthy cookings and active living. First training session occured in the month  Aug 19 to Aug 29, 2019 and the second in Sept 9 to Sept 19, 2019. The training sessions were both didactic and practical meaning participants engaging in the preparation of different healthy meals and live exercise. There were a total of 6 (six) sessions. The first session was used to discuss the intervention and to conduct the prequestionnaire.The names of sessions were: 2) Concept of Health & Disease Among Haitian US Immigrants (3)  Healthy Plate  Connection With Sugar, Fat, Cholesterol and Proteins (4) Role of Fat and Salt; Relationship of Tap Water vs Bottled Water; and Reading Labels. Finally, sessions 5 and 6 were named Active Living and Regular Exercise.  After each consecutive session, a post questionnaire  was also conducted.

Analysis: At baseline, the number of knowledge items answered correctly ranged from 26 to 36 out of a possible 44 questions . The means or the average number of items answered correctly was 30.77 out of 44 questions or 69.92%. Based on responses from session #2, the average number of items answered correctly increased from 4.38 to 5.42 (p< .001); from session # 3 the average number of items answered correctly increased from 8.64 to 8.50 (not stastically significant); from session # 4 the average number of items answered correctly increased from 6.37 to 7.13 (stastically significant at the P <.05 level); and from session # 5,6 , items answered correctly increased from 10 possible questions from 5.48 to 5.97( this difference was not statistically significant at p = .06). 

For all related information, call CCHER : (617) 265-0628 ext 226 .  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or mail to CCHER, 420 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02124

US News is a trustworthy source for research on the treatment of various skin conditions. .
There are several specialist clinics also offering skin condition treaments such as Ai Beauty who offer a range of specialized procedures.
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Boston Cable TV Program in WCEA:
Healthy Eating & Active Living Connection

Cable TV Topics:
Healthy Eating/Active Living: Advocacy & Systemic Changes

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Live TV program on Social Determinants of Health (II)

When:  2021

Time: 8.00 pm -9:00 pm

Day: Sat



Live TV program on Social Determinants of Health (III&IV)

When:  2021

Time: 8.00 pm -9:00 pm

Day: Sat





















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